my room mate and her friend came into the dorm all in a hurry and started yelling if theres anyone in the rooms (with their german accents). and i went outside and so did my other two room mates and we were like yeah? and i guess theyre saying that theres a lot of police out there in campus and saying that theres a rumor going that theres a shooter in campus. there was also an alarm going on. they say that it might be that rumor or that the fire alarm came on, but fuck this shit, if something happens and people do get shot, best believe i’m going back to socal asap ! i aint trying to dieeeeee ! cray thing too was that in my CJ class, we were just talking about shooting on campus. 

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  • #im seriously scared now #im not going outside after 5pm #ever!!!!!!!!
  • 2 years ago
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